What is the 5Gs of A ?
The GGGGG of A ("5Gs of A") is a co-ed "FUN" golf league. The name stands for the Grand
and Glorious, Go-Getting Golfers of America, and initially the membership was comprised
of Motorolans, retired Motorolans, and their families. Now the membership includes
employees from various Metro-Phoenix companies. The 5Gs Golf League allows anyone
12 years of age or older to play with the league and to join as a member. Everyone plays
by the standard set of rules as outlined by the league. Males typically play from one set of tees
and females play from a different set of tees, unless male has declared to play the Senior tees.
If a guest or member is under 18 years of age they must be accompanied by a playing adult.
One adult can bring up to 3 players under the age of 18 and all must play in the same
group. Prize money won by anyone under the age of 18 will be given to the responsible
adult to handle. No one under the age of 21 will be allowed to enter into any special
events the league sponsors (such as SKINS, CALCUTTA, etc.).    
5Gs does not require its members to play a minimum number of rounds each year with the
league. Members decide how often and which of the events they want to play in. 5Gs
charges its members $35 annual dues.
5Gs OFFICERS:   Click for Detailed Information on OFFICERS  
The officers are elected by the membership at the end of each year. Actual voting takes
place only when more than one person is running for an office.
President: Dave DeGroff
Treasurer: Bob Sulski
Event Coordinator:   Gail Sulski
Handicaps: Martin Valdez
The league was founded to provide a golf league for people who's goal is to enjoy a round of
golf with friends. The founders determined that some of the strict rules of golf should be
amended so that the round could be played at a quicker pace and with less stress for those
golfers who haven't yet achieved a high level of skill in golf.
SPECIAL RULES of Play Allowable in 5Gs Tournaments:
Rule 1: Have Fun and Allow Others to Have Fun!!
Rule 2: OUT OF BOUNDS rule
Rule 3: LOST BALL rule
Rule 5: GIMMIE PUTTS rule
Rule 6: MERCY rule
The 5Gs Golf League plays most of its league events on Saturday morning. However, there
are a number of events throughout the year that fall on other days. 5Gs members play for
prize money in most of the events. The tournaments usually are LOW NET score "wins"
events. Each player's NET SCORE is calculated after they finish their round of golf by the
person running the tournament, where NET SCORE = Player's Actual Score - Player's
Course Handicap. The tournaments are run by officers or member volunteers who are given
up-to-date course handicap information for each player by the Handicaps officer. Because
players have a wide variance in their handicaps it is common to divide the people playing in a
tournament into FLIGHTS. Each flight has its own prize money pool to pay the "winners" in
that flight. Prizes are usually in the form of league credit which can be used for prepay
in future events or for yearly league dues. If an error is made in the scoring
results and it is caught before the person running the event has left the premises, an effort will
be made to correct the error and redistribute the prizes as needed. If a scoring error is
discovered after the person running the event has left the premises, the prizes will remain as
awarded. The tournament scoring becomes official when the person running the event has
left the premises.
After each event the score cards are collected and the Handicaps officer puts the scores into a
member data base which computes new handicaps. 5Gs members' handicap indexes are in
the range of 0 - 36.4 for men and 0 - 40.4 for women, (maximum limits per USGA guidelines),
but because of our special rules of play, 5Gs handicaps are not USGA equivalent.
5Gs SERVICES to its members:
1.) Makes arrangements with golf courses for a block of member t-times for each event, and
assigns member's pairings and t-times.
2.) Negotiates with golf courses for the best rate available.
3.) If the course requires a "prepay", 5Gs collects the monies (in advance of the play date)
from members who have signed up for the event and pays the course.
4.) Provides a website capability for members to sign up for tourneys.
5.) Sets up and maintains a website for members to view their tournament handicaps,
review league rules and policies, see results of past tournaments, read 5Gs news
bulletins, see t-times and pairings for the next tournament, view the year's remaining play
schedule, and get information and updates concerning the 5Gs special tournaments.
6.) Provides arrangements for specialty tournaments held throughout the year. (Two of these
tournaments are held outside of the Phoenix area and are 2-day golf events. For these 2-day
tournaments, a hospitality suite is provided by the league.
7.) Hosts a year-end Calcutta and Scramble team event.
8.) Provides to active members (on request) their last 20 5Gs rounds of scoring history.
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