Rules for Determining the Allocation of TofC Points

GGGGG of A Golf League


Introduction:  The GGGGG of A Golf League (“5Gs”) tracks points earned by its members who have played in its tournaments during a specific time of the year.  These are termed TofC (“Tournament of Champions”) points, and are used as one of the methods in determining which club members will participate in the league’s annual Tournament of Champions event (the other methods being top two finishers in specifically identified “Special Tournaments”, the “Skins” champion, and the previous year’s TofC champion).  Since the league’s weekly tournaments have several different formats during the year, there is a need to codify the methodology used to allocate these TofC points for the various tourney formats.


General Rules:


1.)  TofC points may only be awarded to league members who play in tournaments held in the October 1 to September 30 (or October 1 if a league tournament is held on that date) time frame.  A player’s year-to-date TofC score will be based on the average of the 12 lowest TofC tourney scores played during the 12-month timeframe.  In order to qualify for the TofC year-end playoff, a player has to have played in at least 12 tourneys in the 12-month timeframe in which TofC points are awarded.   


2.)  No TofC points will be awarded to a player (guest and/or inactive member) who participates in a Calloway flight of a tourney.  This applies even if the person subsequently joins the league.


3.)  TofC points will be awarded to all of the members starting and finishing their rounds in a given flight.


4.)  No TofC points will be awarded for participation in “Skins” events.


5.)  The 5Gs website will post an updated TofC points standing following every tournament which qualifies for TofC point allocation so that members may see where they stand in the competition.



Specific Format Rules:


A.  Regular Low Net Tournaments:


TofC points will be awarded to participants in each tourney flight (except Calloway), based on the number of participants in each flight, as determined ahead of time by the person scoring/running that particular tourney.  Members who subsequently do not show up to play or who do not finish their round, for whatever reason, shall not be given any TofC points.  The 1st place finisher in each flight will be awarded 1 TofC point. The 2nd place finisher will receive 2 points, and so on until Item 3 of the general rules is satisfied.  Ties in place finishes will be broken by applying the league’s “Lowest Gross Score in Relation to Par” rule, beginning with the course’s #1 handicap hole, and progressing in order until the tie is broken.  It is understood that ties between male and female competitors shall use the appropriate male and female handicap holes.



B.  Tournaments Having Both Team and Individual Participation:


Tournaments, like the Cider Cup, in which all members participate in both individual low net and team competition, shall have TofC points awarded solely on the basis of the individual low net competition as they would be in a regular low net tourney.  No additional TofC points will be awarded based upon team competition results.




C.  Special 2-Day Tournaments:


2-Day Tournaments, like Tubac and San Diego, will have TofC points awarded as in a standard low net tourney for each day of competition separately.  There will be no TofC points awarded for 2-Day cumulative scores (except that the 2-Day low net winners automatically qualify for the TofC event).


Drafted and approved:  January 3, 2012