5Gs of A Handicap Policy Amendment


Title:  Transfer of External League Information for Use in Determining a 5Gs Handicap Index




In the past the 5Gs of A Golf League (5Gs) has only considered other Motorola league’s handicap/play data in determining a handicap index (HI) to be used in 5Gs tourney play, if requested by a member.  Currently, with many members joining 5Gs that have no Motorola league play history, there is a need to change our policy to allow the use of other leagues’ handicap and play data to determine an equitable HI for a member to be used in 5Gs play, if requested by that member.  This policy addresses that need.


5Gs League Participation Limitation


5Gs will consider applying this policy, when requested by the member, only for members who have less than 5 rounds played with the 5Gs during the previous rolling 12-months, and who have less than 10 total rounds played with the 5Gs as posted on the 5Gs website.


Acceptable External League Requirement


5Gs will consider handicap/play data from any league that falls into the following categories:


a.)    Any league that uses the official “USGA Handicap System” to determine a golfer’s HI.

b.)    The 6Gs of A (6Gs) Golf League.

c.)    If multiple league data is requested for consideration, only data from the league with the lowest HI will be considered.


Acceptable External Data Required for Determining a 5Gs HI


At the time a member requests that the 5Gs Golf League use external data to determine an HI, the member shall request that their most current 20-game play history be sent to the 5Gs handicap chairman by the external league’s handicap authority.  5Gs will not accept any history that cannot be verified by the external league supplying the information and this includes random unverified play outside of an organized golf league or golf club venue.  Final determination of whether externally supplied data is valid and can be used is solely up to the 5Gs handicap chairman, who will make a reasonable, good faith effort to determine validity.


Methodology to Determine 5Gs HI from External Data


Externally supplied HI/play data will be subjected to the following procedure, in the order shown, in determining a 5Gs HI:


a.)    Determine and/or verify that the externally supplied data is acceptable and verify the accuracy of the externally supplied HI.

b.)    Apply the “5Gs Rule Factor” to the external HI, (see Table 1 below).  This step will not be used for history supplied by the 6Gs Golf League.

c.)    Apply the “5Gs Participation Factor” to the result of step b.), (see Table 2 below).


Table 1: 5Gs Rule Factor


If external HI is Subtract from External HI to Give Adjusted External HI


  0.0  –   4.9                                                     0.0

  5.0  –   9.9                                                     0.5

10.0  – 14.9                                                     1.0

15.0  – 19.9                                                     1.5

20.0  – 24.9                                                     2.0

25.0  – 29.9                                                     2.5

30.0  – 34.9                                                     3.0

35.0  – 39.9                                                     3.5

40.0  – 44.9                                                     4.0


The 5Gs Rule Factor adjusts for the fact that 5Gs rules do not require full compliance to the USGA rules of golf with the resulting 5Gs HI being marginally lower than an equivalent USGA HI, and for the fact that this has a larger impact on players with a higher HI.


Table 2:  5Gs Participation Factor


Last rolling 12-month 5Gs play Multiply Adjusted External HI by to Give 5Gs HI


0                                                          0.90*

1                                                          0.92*

2                                                          0.94*

3                                                          0.96*

4                                                          0.98*

5                                                          1.00*

>5                                                        1.00*


* - Result will be rounded down to the nearest tenth of a point (0.1).



The 5Gs Participation Factor penalizes a member with very little or no play with 5Gs within the last rolling12 months.


Example:  History Supplied by Golf League Using the Official USGA Handicap System


History supplied by XYZ Golf League is verified to give an official USGA HI of 14.9 for a member who has played 1 time with 5Gs in the last rolling12-month period.


Applying the “5Gs Rule Factor” from Table 1 would give 13.9 (14.9 – 1.0).


Applying the “5Gs Participation Factor” from Table 2 would give 12.7 (13.9 x 0.92 = 12.788, rounded down to 12.7).


The resulting 5Gs HI would be 12.7.


If the same verified information had come from the 6Gs Golf League then the “5Gs Rule Factor” would not be applied, since 6Gs plays by the same rules as the 5Gs.  The external HI, in this case, 14.9, would just be adjusted by applying the 5Gs Participation Factor from Table 2 to give a 5Gs HI of 13.7 (14.9 x 0.92 = 13.708, rounded down to 13.7).


Default 5Gs Handicap Index


The default 5Gs Handicap Index for any member not requesting an HI adjustment will be the HI that is posted on the 5Gs website for that member and which conforms to the normal 5Gs handicap procedure also posted on the 5Gs website.



Drafted:  November 7, 2007 by J. Chruma


Approved:  November 9, 2007