A.  Reasoning behind the proposal


There are a number of 5Gs members who play very little in the 5Gs league who also play regularly as members of the 6Gs league.  The 6Gs league is a direct outgrowth of the 5Gs and is a natural progression of older players transitioning from 5Gs.  Both leagues abide by the same “fun” rules and use identical methods for determining handicaps.  A standard method is needed to determine the most fair and equitable handicap to use when a 6Gs member, who is also a 5Gs member, plays in a 5Gs event (which happens most often, but not exclusively, during the annual Hall of Fame event).


B.  Proposal


If a 5Gs member has less than 5 rounds played with the 5Gs in the last consecutive 12 months, and that same member plays regularly with the 6Gs and has a valid 6Gs handicap based on at least 10 rounds played in the last consecutive 12 months, the 6Gs handicap will be used, instead of the 5Gs handicap, when that member plays in a 5Gs event.  In such an event, the normal 5Gs handicap adjustment for not playing at least 5 times with the 5Gs in the last 12 consecutive months will not be applied to the 6Gs handicap.


C.  Limitations of the proposal


1.  At the time that member establishes at least 5 rounds in the last consecutive 12 months with the 5Gs, the 5Gs handicap will be used whenever that member plays in a 5Gs event.


2.  This proposal applies only to the 6Gs and not to other external handicap situations (i.e., USGA or other specific club or league handicaps).


3.  This proposal does not apply to 6Gs members playing as guests in a 5Gs event.


4.  The intent of this proposal is solely to help provide a level playing field for players who are members of both the 5Gs and 6Gs golf leagues who wish to participate in 5Gs events.  Any situations that may be called into question, as a result of this proposal, will be dealt with by the 5Gs handicap chairman, in consultation with the 5Gs "fairness committee", if required.


5.  In specific tournaments where the 5Gs and 6Gs are competing against each other (i.e., the 11Gs tourney), this proposal will be used to determine a handicap as necessary.  In such an event, any 6Gs member who is not a member of 5Gs, will use their established 6Gs handicap.


Proposed by:  Jerry Chruma


Approved:  April 16, 2014