6/1/2002 (Original)

8/12/2003 - Rev A

2/15/2008 Rev B

11/7/2010 Rev C

1/20/2013 Rev D


LOW NET 5Gs Tournaments


In general most tournaments held by 5gs (where we collect prize money as part of the tournament entry fee) are

Low Net Tournaments. The Low Net tournament is usually run by an officer of 5Gs who volunteers to

run the tournament. If an officer cannot run the tournament then a volunteer member may be asked to fill in.

The person running the tournament (5Gs SCORER), decides the details of the tournament.


LOW NET Tournament Details, (Decided before the tournament starts by the 5Gs SCORER):

a)      How many FLIGHTS to have.

(Note: A flight is a group of people with similar golf handicaps that compete against each other for

prize money)

b)      How many people in each FLIGHT.

c)      How much money will be paid for 1st place, 2nd place (if applicable), 3rd place (if applicable), etc.,

for each FLIGHT. Some FLIGHTS may pay more prize money for the winners in that flight

(1st, 2nd, etc.) than other FLIGHT winners receive. This may occur when a FLIGHT has

more players in it than another flight.

LOW NET Tournament Rules:

1)      All prize money collected by 5Gs will be paid out to the WINNERS of the tournament.

2) After a round of golf is completed the score card keeper for each group turns in their card to the

the 5Gs SCORER for the tournament. Each scorecard should show the hole by hole scores for every

player in the group and should be SIGNED by the score card keeper and ATTESTED by someone else

in that pairings group. Once a score card is turned in to the 5Gs SCORER it becomes OFFICIAL. No

hole score changes are allowed. However if a math error is discovered by the 5Gs SCORER affecting

the SUM of the GROSS hole scores of a player the SCORER will correct the error with no penalty to

the affected player.

The SCORER subtracts each persons 5Gs Course Handicap from the sum of their GROSS Hole by

Hole score to get their NET SCORE. (Course Handicaps are calculated to the 1/10 of a point,

so the NET SCORES will be to the 1/10 of a point as well.)


3)      For EACH FLIGHT the WINNER (1st place) is the person with the lowest NET SCORE. If the

tournament is paying prize money for 2nd place as well, the winner of that prize is the person with the 2nd

Lowest NET SCORE. This continues in a similar manner should a 3rd place, 4th place, etc. finish

be eligible to win a prize.

4)      If two or more people in the SAME FLIGHT have identical NET SCORES and they are eligible for a

low net prize (1st, 2nd, 3rd, etc), the SCORER uses the following TIE BREAKER method to decide who

wins the prize.

The SCORER checks each players score card to see who had the lowest GROSS score (Relative to PAR)

on their #1 handicap hole.

Note: We specify (Relative to Par) in the previous sentence to cover the case where a man & a woman

are tied for Low Net and their Number 1 handicap holes are DIFFERENT holes with DIFFERENT PARS.

There are two possibilities: They could have the same GROSS hole score (Relative to PAR) for the

#1 handicap hole or different scores. If they are different the SCORER declares the person with the

LOWEST GROSS hole score (Relative to PAR) the winner of the prize they both were eligible to win.

If they have the same GROSS score (Relative to PAR) on the #1 handicap hole the SCORER then

looks at both players GROSS score (Relative to PAR) on the #2 handicap hole. If one of

the players has a hole score lower than the other then that player wins the prize based on this tie breaker

method. If their hole scores are the same on the #2 handicap hole the SCORER continues to check hole

scores (first for the #3 handicap hole, then #4 handicap hole, etc) for each player until one of them has a

GROSS hole score (Relative to PAR) lower than the other.


5) Prizes are announced at the Golf Course as soon as the 5Gs SCORER completes the scoring. Players

who do not stay around to see if they won a prize are responsible to check the 5Gs web site posting of the

results for that tournament to see if they won. If the prize is a gift certificate it will be given to that person the

next time they play a 5Gs tournament, or will be mailed to the winner provided that person contacts Jerry Chruma by email

([email protected]) and leaves a mailing address to which they would like the certificate mailed.