Interested in joining the 5Gs Golf League?  
It’s easy, just follow these simple 4 steps:
STEP 1. Send an email requesting 5gs membership to: 
[email protected] and [email protected]
(Include as much information as you can as suggested by the INFORMATION
QUESTIONNAIRE items shown below)
STEP 2. Pay your dues
(See paying dues section below.)
STEP 3. Sign up for a tournament 
(See signing up for a tournament section below.)
STEP 4. Have fun !
Information Questionnaire:
1. Name
2. Email address (will be added to league distribution list)
3. Home phone (optional, will not be made available to league 
   members, but comes in handy for league officers trying to 
   contact you)
4. Work phone (optional, will not be made available to league 
   members, but comes in handy for league officers trying to 
   contact you)
5. Who referred you (if applicable)? (this gives them a $5 
   finder's fee)
6. Birthday (be sure to include YEAR since this is used in 
   determining teams for certain special events including which 
   team you are on in the Cider Cup if you sign up to play.  
   Note: The YEAR will not be shared with other league members.
7. If you have a valid USGA handicap and you would it like 
   to be used in establishing your handicap, please provide your 
   last 20 rounds of USGA handicap data to Jerry Chruma at email 
   address: [email protected]
Paying dues or prepays for tournament play:
1. Dues are $30 from 11/1/xx-6/30/xy and cover you for the 
calendar year (if between 11/1 and 12/31 they cover for the 
remainder of the current year plus the following year).  Dues 
are $20 from 7/1/xy-10/31/xy and cover you for the remainder 
of the current year only.
2. To pay for the above, and all tournament prepays please 
use one of the following options:
a. Transfer funds to the 5Gs TruWest Credit Union account 
2985560-2. This can be accomplished by either calling 
(480)441-5900 and speaking with a teller, or going into a branch.  
In either case make sure the teller puts your name and the 
purpose of the transaction in the notes in order to ensure 
proper credit is given.
b. Mail a check made out to “5Gs of A” to Chuck Quintrall 
1814 S. Southwind Court, Gilbert, AZ 85295
3. We also have a league credit account that is more convenient 
to use for some people.  Using option a or b above, if you pay 
‘extra’ money, this will be put into your credit account and 
can be used for future events saving you the hassle of making 
a transaction each time.  Balances in this account are updated 
weekly and can be viewed on the 5gs website.
Signing up for a tournament:
In 5gs YOU decide when you play.  Play as many or as few rounds 
as YOUR schedule permits. Handicaps are established after 1 
To sign up for a tournament simply fill out the signup form 
on the website.  Always specify means of payment and whether 
you would like to get into the optional skins game.  The cost of
the skins game is usually $5 and must be combined with the 
tournament prepay. You can check your tee assignment on the 5gs
website which will be updated between Tuesday and Thursday 
of each week for that weekend’s tournament.
Have fun:
The 5Gs Golf League is designed for every player at any level 
of golf to enjoy the game.  Please provide feedback on ways 
we can improve on this goal to any of the league officers listed
on the website.  We hope to see you soon on the golf course.