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listed below: Date Week Golf Course Name Event? Teetime Cost Cost Amount   ------------    Notes   -------------------------------------
SIGNUPS CLOSED or View Signups for :---> Dec-11 Saturday Dobson Ranch   8:00am consecutive $67 $81 $67 1  Prepay $67 covers golf,  $5 LC prize money and $5 skins.
2  Pay for optional cart at course (plus tax).
3  Maximum Player Count: 72
Signup, Withdraw or View Signups for :---> Dec-18 Saturday Encanto   8:02am consecutive $40 $54 $15 1  Prepay $15 covers $10 GC prize money and $5 skins.
2  Pay for round and optional cart at course (plus tax).
3  $47 walk and $61 ride rate without Phoenix card (plus tax).
4  Maximum Player Count: 68
No 5Gs Golf on Christmas Dec-25 Saturday No 5Gs Golf on Christmas Merry Christmas!! Ho, ho, ho!!