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1. Click on one of the the Signup Actions to the left of a Play Date to either see who is signed up or to signup / withdraw for that event.          
2. Follow the link instructions and ensure you answer all required questions - you may revise any responses prior to the sign-up being closed  
3. Sign-ups are closed at mid-night the Thursday the week before play                
4. After sign-ups are closed please use   [email protected]  to notify officers of change of play - roster will need to be locked by end of day Thursday the week of play for course notification  
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listed below: Date Week Golf Course Name Event? Teetime Cost Cost Amount   ------------------------------    Notes   --------------------------------
Close but See Who Signed up Here ----> Oct-28 Saturday Wigwam (Red Course) N 8:30am Shotgun na na $95 1  Prepay includes golf, carts, tax, prizes, & skins 
2  Maximum Player Count: 48
3 Walk/Ride Cost includes green fees, cart (if riding), tax excluded
https://www.surveymonkey.com/stories/SM-dnGy6LoskoUYYVg99qDruQ_3D_3D/ Nov-04 Saturday Aguila N 7:28 am Consecutive $43 $58 $15 1  Prepay of $15 upcharge covers $10 prize (LC) and $5 skins.
2  Members pay at the course (prices reflected are = Public)
3  Sr Card - $34 (walk)/$49 (ride)
4  Maximum Player Count:64; signups CLOSED;link in the leftmost column will allow you to view signups
Signup, Withdraw or View Signups for :---> Nov-11 Saturday Power Ranch Trilogy N 7.32am
na na $107 1  Members pay at the course and includes golf, cart, tax, prizes & skins
2. Range Balls are discounted 50%
3  MAY BE cart path only due to overseeding
4  Maximum Player Count: 48
https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/69WFSSB Nov-18 Saturday Ken McDonald Y 6:56am Consecutive $56 pay at course $66 1  Prepay includes golf, tax, prizes, & skins: pay for cart and range balls at course
2  Maximum Player Count: 52
3  No course restrctions - overseeding starts on 10/15
4. This is the first round of the Tournament of Champions (Quarterfinals)
https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/8FPXCDF Nov-25 Saturday Dobson Ranch Y 8:00am Consecutive $71 $81 $81 walk/$91 ride 1  Prepay includes golf, carts, tax, prizes, & skins 
2  Maximum Player Count: 56
3  Course advises there maybe limited restrictions - i.e. 90 degree for carts
4 Semifnals of the Tournament of Champions